Biomechanical exam

Review of the posture and gait, by a doctor of podiatric medicine: seat positions, standing and walking.

Child care

Evaluation and correction of imbalances and deformities during growth. Treatment of “growing pains”.

Foot ortheses

Functional foot ortheses custom made from a plaster footprint. They optimize the function of the foot.


Assessment of diabetic foot (vascular, neurological, dermatological). Prevention of complications.


Runners, walkers and all other athletes, for a safe and proper training, start on the right foot!

Sports podiatry

The feet are the roots of our bodies. In athletes, these roots are always moving, so it is even more important that the body’s bases remain strong. Podiatry optimizes the biomechanics of the lower limbs which will be beneficial for any sport. Athletes often push their whole body to the limits. It is therefore necessary to pay due attention to our feet to ensure safety while practicing sports. We seem to think that to getting a quality shoe is more than enough. The fact is that too often we purchase sneakers or shoes that are not adapted to our condition, reducing the effectiveness of training methods and good posture. This can often cause or worsen problems elsewhere in your body. In athletes, both beginners and experienced, the biomechanical assessment becomes an important tool to determine the behavior of your limbs. It assesses your body, your posture and your positions during movement.

Injuries in athletes

The podiatrist can support you in healing and treatment of acute injury, fractures, sprains, muscle tears, ligament tear, dislocation and subluxation. He becomes a stakeholder in the chronic wound treatment as tendinitis or tendinosis of the Achilles tendon, shin splints and posture or biomechanical problems. The sports podiatrist is a specialist in muscular rehabilitation of the foot and offers effective treatments for heel or arch pains stemming from sports practices.

Benefits of podiatry to athletes

Podiatry offers more technologies, advanced methods and non-surgical treatments specialized in sports injuries. The secret of these methods lies in the biomechanical analysis and proper and judicious use of orthotics. Sports podiatry assesses your discomfort and symptoms in order to make an accurate diagnosis, and allow prescribed treatments. Podiatry not only prevents injuries, it also improves sports performance.